Saddles and Nuts

Bone Nut and Saddle Replacement and Electric Guitar Bridges

A setup is required to ensure proper fit and performance. Lacquered-over nuts will be replaced as carefully as possible to leave a clean result. Generally I only use bone for making nuts and saddles. Other materials are available. I don’t usually use pre made nuts and saddles as there are too many sizes for me to stock. With bone I can make a custom nut or saddle to exactly fit your instrument with superior sound quality and aesthetics.

  •  Custom Made Bone Nut 6-String guitar  €50 + full setup
  •   4-String bass €50 + full setup
  •   12-String guitar  €75 + full setup
  •   Mandolin  €75 + full setup
  •   Banjo or ukulele €50 + full setup
  • Custom made bone saddle (not Intonated) €50 + full setup
  • Intonated Bone Saddle €80 + full setup

 Bridge & Saddle Replacement for Electric Guitar

Saddle or bridge replacement requires a setup with new strings. Note that most Gibson style Tune-o-matic saddles and bridges do not come with a string notch and will be subject to the additional charge. Prices are for direct replacement only and do not include routing, drilling or replacement of anchors; please ask for an estimate on such services.

  •  Tune-o-matic bridge (Gibson style)  €15 + Full Setup
  •  Notch Tune-o-matic Saddle  Add€3 per saddle
  •  Surface-mount bridge (Most basses & hardtail guitars)  €15 + Full Setup
  •  Telecaster bridge  €20 + Full Setup
  •  Synchronized tremolo bridge (2-point mounting)  €20 + Full Setup
  •  Vintage-style tremolo bridge (6-screw mounting)  €20 + Full Setup
  •   Locking-tremolo bridge (Floyd-Rose style)  €20 +Full  Setup
  •   Floating Bridge (Archtop) Sanded to match top contour   €30 +Full Setup
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