A Furey Brother Gets Electrified

George Furey of the Legendary Irish band The Fureys is a regular customer in Jam Music. I always try to have a box of 13 guage martin SP’s Phosphor bronze strings in stock. He likes to buy 12 packs at a time. He told me recently about a 12 string Lag he recently purchased. He needed a pickup installed and I convinced him to try the LR Baggs active element. Its simply the best under saddle pickup I’ve ever tried. This was around the 5th time I’ve installed one and the sound great in everthing so far. One nice think from my point of view when installing this pickup is that I have to do a minimal amount of work to install it. The only control over the pickup is a volume control that sits just inside the sound hole. You may have come across this pickup if you have played any electro acoustic Gibsons. Its factory installed in lots of them.


I took out the saddle to investigate. Sometimes the manufacturers drill a hole under the saddle for future pickup installations. No such luck this time! I knew that once the undersaddle pickup went in the saddle would have to be sanded down. Installing the pickup would raise the action if this wasnt done.Image

Here is the pickup, the preamp in inside the metal tube that forms part of the output jack.


Drill bit chosen and hole drilled.


And here is the output jack hole drilled.


Below are a series of images inside the guitar. The battery lives in this little pouch that is velcrowed onto the side of the guitar. Usually i install this where the neck joins the body but it want possible on this guitar as the neck is bolted on the the bolts were in the way.


Here is the volume controll.


And the internal wiring.


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