Fret Dressing on a Beautiful Green Epiphone Casino

It came in very well played. By that I mean the owner proabably played this guitar most days for the last 15 years.The intonation was visably wrong, all the saddles were maxed out at the front of the bridge and playing was terrible. Due to the fret ware from 15ish years of playing it needed a good fret dressing to address the buzzing all over the neck. It also needed a general set up and clean.


I removed the nut and checked the neck was straight with a notched straight edge. I don’t have a pic of this.Then I got down to levelling!


As you can see I removed lots of metal. Next I recrowned the frets with the Fret crowning file. It has a curve built in so it can bring the frets from flat back to a curve.ImageImage

Next I sand out the file marks with finer and finer grades of sand paper. Eventually I get to a polish with steel wool.


At the end the frets looked brand new and played perfectly. I then set the guitar up for a low action with 10 guage strings. I also put a new switchcraft output jack into the guitar. Not a simple job when you have to wire it through the f-holes! It played really well at the end and the customer was very happy.

Here she is all cleaned up. Image

€86.99 was the total bill for parts and labour.

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