Pickups and Electronics

I take great pride in my neat and reliable wiring!

The prices below do not include the price of the component being replaced. Bundle prices will be offered for full rewires/custom wiring mods.

Electronic repairs minimum charge  €30.00 and up

  •   Archtop guitar without electronics access  Add €30 minimum
  •   Shield control cavity  €50.00 + parts
  •   Requires new mounting hole in plastic pickguard €10
  •   Requires new mounting hole in solid body€15
  •   Replace output jack €15
  •   Replace control pot €15 
  •   Replace Pickup selector switch (Gibson style)  €35
  •   Replace Pickup selector switch (Fender style)  Add €35
  •   Replace Fender Super Switch €45
  •   Replace or add Mini-switch €20
  •   Replace or add Push-pull pot  €20
  •   Replace or add Kill Switch €20
  •   Replace 9v battery clip €30
  •   Battery box (Direct replacement, soldering included)  Add €25

Pickup Installation

Electric Guitar & Bass

Prices are for direct replacement pickups and do not include routing or modification of the body.

  •    One pickup €50
  •    Two pickups €80
  •    Three pickups  €80
  •    Archtop guitar without electronics access panel  Add €30
  •    Telecaster bridge pickup   Add €15 

Acoustic Instruments

Installing an undersaddle pickup will raise the instruments action slightly; prices include lowering the saddle to compensate for this unless otherwise requested.

 Install new undersaddle or contact pickup with endpin jack   €80

 Install new soundhole pickup with endpin jack €75

 Install floating bridge pickup for mandolin or archtop guitar  €75

 Install banjo pickup with flange-mounted output jack  €75

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