A setup is the process of adjusting every element of your instrument so that it is effortless to play. Then you can concentrate on playing music.

I offer 2 tiers of Guitar Setup. The Full Setup and the Deluxe Setup.  Details below. 

A setup will make your instrument much easier to play and will eliminate any buzzes, rattles, noises or anything unreliable that is taking away from the enjoyment of playing music.

“The Full Setup”

  1. A detailed inspection of the Instrument with current setup recorded including neck relief and  action height at the nut and action height at the appropriate fret between the 12th or 17th fret. 
  2. Clean and condition fingerboard
  3. Fret polish to remove minor scratches, pits and corrosion
  4. Clean and test electronics
  5. Tighten and lubricate all hardware
  6. Clean the Instrument 
  7. Restring
  8. Replace battery if needed (Battery not included),
  9.  Adjust or rehang loose wiring
  10. Adjust truss- rod to correct neck relief
  11. Adjust saddle radius to match fingerboard
  12.  Adjust action at bridge
  13.  File nut slots for proper string height at the nut and string movement
  14.  Adjust intonation, 
  15. Adjust tremolo bridge setting to player’s preference
  16. Add/remove trem-springs as needed (parts not included), 
  17. Adjust pickup heights for even volume or to players preference
  18. Full inspection and play test.
  19. New setup measurements recorded

Pricing for “The Full Setup” 

  • Guitar or Bass Electric or Acoustic – €60 and up  
  • If guitar requires neck removal for truss-rod adjustment – Add €10   
  • Non-locking tremolo bridge Add €10   
  • Locking tremolo bridge Add €20
  • 12-string Add €20
  • Mandolin – €60 and up
  • Ukulele – €50 and up
  • Banjo – €60 and up

All setups require new strings. I stock common gauges of acoustic and electric strings at €7 a pack. If you have a particular preference for strings you can provide them or I can source some common brands and the cost will be added onto the bill. If I have to order strings it will slow down the repair. If the instrument is very dirty additional charges may apply. 

“The Deluxe Setup” – Includes Fret Level, Recrown and Polish – Add €70 to the Full Setup Price

This Service Includes everything that the Full setup and Service includes but the frets are also levelled with high precision levelling beams in a neck levelling jig that simulates string tension. The frets are then recrowned with diamond files and polished to a mirror finish. This process removes all wear marks from the frets and guarantees a level playing surface. This allows for lower action without buzzing, improved intonation and a consistent feel around the neck. Many people who think they need a refret actually require this service as it will leave the frets looking and feeling like new again. Newer guitars can also benefit from this as very few factories level the frets to this degree of accuracy. Fall-away can also be introduced to the frets in this process and this will be discussed with the customer. 

I have known Conor for the past 9 years and always get him to  service my 4 guitars at least twice a year as I am so busy touring in lots of theatre’s playing concerts all over the world each year. My guitars have to be in good working order and Conor makes sure that  they are and I don’t have to worry as I know all the work will be done right. He also replaced pickups in my guitars and had new frets put in many times too, so if your leaving any of your musical instruments in to be fixed well then  look know further,  Conor is your man as far as I’m concerned!”

George Furey!!

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