Heavy pitting on these frets and their flat profile makes them an ideal candidate for a refret. Frets are disposable just like strings. They just take longer to wear out!

Refrets are the process of replacing worn out frets in the guitar. Usually all frets are replaced together as this gives the best results but sometimes partial refrets are an option. Often people think they need a refret when in fact they need the Deluxe Setup Service which can remove most wear marks. I can advise what’s the best option once I see the instrument or some close up photos. Refret work requires a setup afterwards. Refrets usually include levelling of the fingerboard.

More often than not a new nut is required after a refret as the old nut is usually too low in relation to the new taller frets. Usually this adds €40 to the cost. Old nuts can sometimes be reused by adding a shim to raise them up. This starts at €10

  • Full refret – unbound neck with Rosewood or Ebony Fingerboard €200 + Setup
  • Full refret – bound neck  €225 + Setup
  • Full Refret on maple neck €280 + Setup (Sometimes refinishing is necessary
  • Full Refret Maple Neck With Refinishing €400 + Setup
  • Glue loose frets  €5 per fret + Setup or Deluxe Setup
  • Fret edge dress  €30 and up 
  • Stainless Steel Frets add €80

Advanced Fretwork

Some players want to change the radius of a fingerboard or have a compound radius fingerboard.  This can be done as part of the refret. Guitars without truss rods or with truss rods that do not work correctly can sometimes use refrets to correct some problems. Twisted and warped fingerboards can also be addressed. Please call or email me for a quote.

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