Machine Heads

Single Tuner replacement 

Includes replacement of single string (string not included).

Geared tuner replacement   €5

Friction tuner replacement €10

Banjo 5th string tuner €20

Full Set of Tuners Replaced

Classical guitar  €15 + restring or setup

Guitar or bass (Steel string)  €25+ restring or setup

12-String guitar (Steel string)  €40+ restring or setup

Friction tuners (banjo or ukulele) €45+ restring or setup

Requires reaming Add €15

Requires doweling of old set-screw holes Add €20

Requires drilling of new set-screw holes Add €15

Requires new guide pin hole (Sperzel or Schaller style)  Add €15

 Prices are for direct replacement of tuners and do not include reaming or shimming. Doweling does not include finish repair; cosmetic-repair options may be available for an additional charge; ask for an estimate. Restringing or setup is required for replacement. Strings can be re-used if desired, but the price for a restring will still be added.

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