Where are you based?

My workshop is at my home just outside Callan in Co.Kilkenny. If you take a look at the locations page you will see I collect repairs weekly from several shops. I regularly meet customers in Newbridge and Off the M9 on Fridays also.

What are your hours?

Appointment only which means just check I’m here before you get in the car! I’m in the workshop 9 to 5 Monday to Thursday and I’m happy to have customers call in the evening and on weekends.

How does it work when I leave a guitar in a shop for you to collect?

When you leave a guitar with one of the shops I partner with they will take your name, phone number and email and put it with the guitar in a safe place in the shop.

You should then send me a message to tell me you have dropped it in. I will collect that guitar on the Friday after you drop it in. I will contact you to confirm I have it. Then usually on the Monday I will contact you with a quote and timeframe for the work. If you are happy I will usually return the guitar that Friday. I will contact you when it has been returned to the shop.

You can pay me via Paypal/Revolute/Bank Transfer or leave cash in the shop. The shops don’t process cards for me. A detailed receipt will be in the guitar case.

All guitars should be in a padded bag or hardcase. Guitars without a bag or case are impossible for me to transport without the risk of damage. All the shops I deal with sell padded bags. If you don’t have one they will be happy to help.

What services do you offer?

I do everything you can think off with fretted instruments (and Fretless Bass guitars) apart from full refinishing (contact SC Relics in Derry)

Do you work on amps/pedals/microphones/interfaces/mixers/stereos?

No but I might know someone who does. I’ve been repairing for a while so I know a few names. Just give me a call on 0851493784 and Ill try to steer you in the right direction.

Can I do work experience with you?

No. As well as being a luthier I am also a retained firefighter and I am on call 24/7. As such I sometimes need to leave my workshop in seconds. Its completely unpredictable and not conducive to offering work experience.

How much will It cost to fix my guitar?

I have a detailed pricelist here but it is only a guide. A quote will be given once I have seen the guitar in person. I wont do any work until I get approval from you.

Can you refret/fret dress/make me a nut and I will do the setup myself?

No, a full setup is necessary after many repairs for me to check how successfully the repair has gone. Its a completely necessary step that means only work I stand over leaves the workshop.

Conor did a full set up on my Fender Strat. (Fret dress, nut re-cut and all the other usual stuff). It’s a different guitar now and Conor’s work is really neat. Highly recommended!

Nicky Brennan (Picture This, Ryan Sheridan)

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