Structural Repairs

Guitars made from laminate woods are much harder to repair discreetly. If you are going to break a guitar try make it an expensive one. It makes my life easier.

Broken Necks, Lifting Bridges and other Structural Repairs

Broken Headstock Minor: Partially Attached, easy alignment  €60 to €100 + Setup +Refinishing

Broken Headstock  Major: Fully Detached   €80 to €350 + Setup + Refinishing

Brace Repair Minor: Loose or cracked brace  €40

Brace Repair Major: Fully detached or loose in multiple areas €90

 Crack Repair  Minor: Closed crack, easy alignment  €60

 Crack Repair Major: Open crack requiring humidity or splint €180

Bridge Repair

Lifting bridge removal and reglue  €100 + setup

Lifting bridge removal and reglue with undersaddle pickup €120 + Setup

Neck Reset (Traditional) Starting at (Refret Sometimes also Necessary)

Bolt on heel with glued fingerboard extension  €300 + setup

Dovetail €400 + setup

Taylor Neck reset, includes shim exchange. €80 + setup

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