5 Upgrades to make to your guitar that actually make a difference!

Get Your Guitar Setup A good quality setup should leave your guitar much easier to play with action that suits your style and the instrument intonated as close to perfect as is possible. The nut should be low.  The frets should be polished allowing smooth bends. Every piece of hardware and electronics  should be servicedContinue reading “5 Upgrades to make to your guitar that actually make a difference!”

A Furey Brother Gets Electrified

George Furey of the Legendary Irish band The Fureys is a regular customer in Jam Music. I always try to have a box of 13 guage martin SP’s Phosphor bronze strings in stock. He likes to buy 12 packs at a time. He told me recently about a 12 string Lag he recently purchased. He needed aContinue reading “A Furey Brother Gets Electrified”

Fret Dressing on a Beautiful Green Epiphone Casino

It came in very well played. By that I mean the owner proabably played this guitar most days for the last 15 years.The intonation was visably wrong, all the saddles were maxed out at the front of the bridge and playing was terrible. Due to the fret ware from 15ish years of playing it neededContinue reading “Fret Dressing on a Beautiful Green Epiphone Casino”

Setting Up A G Series EG523SC Takamine Guitar

I think this model of guitar might be the one I see most often on my repair bench. Its a really popular guitar and unusually for a G Series Takamine its made in Korea. The G Series is Takamine’s more affordable range and its generally great stuff this model included but this model generally needsContinue reading “Setting Up A G Series EG523SC Takamine Guitar”